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Our patients speak for us ...


Keith Chow


Dr. Masunaga is literally a Godsend for me. I am a cardiac patient about to undergo a very critical heart procedure for a mitral heart valve replacement and was told by my cardiologist that before he could operate that I had to have a complete dental exam. I called several local dentists and none could take me in for at least another month. Auwe.. I need to have this heart surgery soon due to my shortness of breath and pressure on my chest that is so uncomfortable. Dr. Masunaga took me in the same day. God Bless You Dr. Masunaga. Now I can have my surgery and lead a normal life again. Hallelujah! Dr. Masunaga was very kind and professional in his mannerism and explained in detail everything he did which made me feel confident and comfortable. His office staff the lovely Linda and Savannah were so sweet and pleasant with always smiling and not to mention all his patients coming and going were also in such a great mood (an unusually pleasant waiting room experience and yes laughter.. laughter in a dentist  office). I highly recommend Dr. Masunaga and his wonderful staff. I am sold!


Keith Chow

Angela Keen

People from all walks of life are drawn to Dr. Masunaga, not just because of his laser dentistry expertise, but because of his attention to detail, his compassion and the way he treats each patient as special.  That's why he is My Hawaii Dentist.


Angela Keen 


Hawaii's Enterainer Junior Kekuewa Jr.

For years, I had searched for a Dentist with a heart, who would help me with my best friend who was blind, and had to have his partial re-done. Dr. Masunaga stepped up to the challege, gave from his heart when he didn't have to, and made Wayne Borje a whole new mouth. Being a masterful Dentist is one thing. Being a master at your craft, and giving in compassion to those who are in need but cannot afford it, and in this case disabled, is a whole different story. Dr. Masunaga is one in a million. Thank you Doc, for making it possible for a blind man, who's only other alternative was to pull all of his teeth, smile with joy. 


Junior Kekuewa Jr. 

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