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About Ohana Dental Center

Dr. Russell Masunaga
Dr. Russell Masunaga


Dr. Masunga is a UCLA trained Dentist.

A former President of the Hawaii Dental Association, he is also

co- founder of the Dental Samaritans.  Having hosted the informative dental show "ToothTalk" for 20 years, he looks forward to helping you create your own healthy, and beautiful Smile!

Linda the receptionist


Linda Teshima

For eleven years, Linda has been the first impression, and last impression in our practice. From making appointments, to finalizing the insurance and treatment plan presentations.  She is been a welcome sight for new and old patients alike!  Her own background in dentistry extends for many years both as assisting, and reception. In her own words working for Dr. Masunaga, “I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many different and interesting people. They are all in search of a dentist and a dental office that is knowledgeable and passionate about their craft”. She is truly a paradigm of efficiency and elegance. Get to know Linda for a seamless experience of dental care!

Savannah Hanerg

Savannah Hanerg

Savannah is an actual “Princess” from her tropical home of the Marshall Islands. Steadfast  and reliable with an energetic personality. Her background in dental assisting, and proven administrative skills of over five years have made her a fixture in the dental practices operations.  Her fluency in Marshallese, and calm Islander demeanor lends a sense of ease to all dental procedures, often a gift during long and challenging cases.  Her empathy towards those in need is a bonus in the world of dentistry for those less fortunate than others.  Working hard towards personal and professional success, she is often the “go to” person for all things dental, technical, and patient related. We are very proud to have her part of the team.

Allie Jeffries
Dental Hygenist


Allie Jefferies

Chicago to Honolulu! Allie now calls Hawaii home.  She is a surfer, boater, avid hiker and adventurer.  Her zest for life and enthusiasm for patient care, teaching, and maintaining good oral health is contagious.  She takes great pride in educating patients the ABC’s of home care. How to floss and brush is an important lesson to learn, or RE learn in some cases.  Making recommendations for devices like manual, or electric toothbrushes, tooth pastes and mouth rinses, varies from case to case. Allie is your information hub on what’s right for you!

Oh, and Yes she actually swims with SHARKS…ask her!


Donese Martin
Dental Assistant

Donese Martin 

Donese is a seven year “vet” of the war against dental disease.  Experienced from Aloha Medical mission, to the complex world of Implantology, and creating stable permanent dentures. Her skills at making interim, or temporaries, are remarkable.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the practice. Her attention to detail and gentle, yet professional chair side manners are patient oriented. Her quick laughter,  but focused during procedures are comforting to the dentist as well as the patient.


Choulam Siprseuth
Dental Assistant


Choulam  “Nong” Sipraseuth

From her native country of Laos, Choulam, or “Nong” (Laotian for Sister), brings a background of cultural diversity, and understanding that is Eastern, as well as Western.  Her Dental Assisting Skills over the years have evolved into the kindness, empathy and compassion one expects from a trained and proficient dental nurse. As the doctor’s third and fourth hand, she has developed an intuition that the dentist expects from his assistant. Fluent in Laotion, Thai, and English.


Ohana Dental Staff
Our Entire Ohana Dental Center Staff
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